'Fella not only delights us everyday, but he has become a way for us to communicate with the world and show you how Amazing Pigs are...'
'Fella not only delights us everyday, but he has become a way for us to communicate with the world and show you how Amazing Pigs are...'

The Fundraiser!

The day started with bobby slipping his harness! And the rest of the meet and greet turned into a 'find and greet'. Thank you to all the heros that eventually got the very wild Bobby back to safety - you certainly made the day memorable! I was a little gutted it took me away from meeting you all but I guess they say 'don't work with animals and kids' for a reason! A really really enjoyable day and it was so good to meet you all. It's overwhelming meeting such kind, gentle people and I feel like I owe you all so much for making this rescue happen. I will always keep the page updated so we can all be a part of this adventure together! -and please come and visit any time I love visitors and showing off these kind, funny animals! Much love to all of you and bless your hearts for everything you've done to make this happen and support me.


Here you can find all your pictures from the day! Enjoy! Fella & Em xx

'Be you, be amazing, and don't let anyone -ever-     make a sausage out of you'.the amazing fella

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